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How To Stop a Golf Slice

Golf slices can be one of the most frustrating problems for golfers of all skill levels. Find out how to stop a golf slice in our latest blog

How to Put Backspin on a Golf Ball: Expert Tips

Putting a backspin on your golf ball can lower your handicap and improve your game. Find out how to put backspin on a golf ball in our blog

How to Shallow The Golf Club

Shallowing the golf club can significantly improve your overall performance on the golf course and lower your handicap. Find out more in our blog

How To Draw A Golf Ball: An Easy Guide

Discover how to hit a draw in golf - where the ball gently curves from right to left. Read more on our easy guide here.

How To Organise Your Golf Bag: A Step-by-Step Guide

Stay focused on your game and keep your golf gear in top condition. Follow our step by step guide on organising your golf bag

How To Measure Golf Club Length: Perfect Fit

Use a 48-inch ruler or tape measure to measure the length of your club. Follow our step by step guide here.

How To Swing a Golf Club: A Step-by-Step Guide

Learn how to swing a golf club, follow our step by step guide and tips to perfect your swing. Read more here.

How Long Does a Round Of Golf Take?

In short, a game of golf can take up to 4 hours, however several factors can influence the duration of a game. Read more

10 Tips to Chipping a Golf Ball

Chipping in golf is a crucial skill that can improve your short game and dramatically lower your scores. Read more.

How to Clean Golf Clubs: Care & Maintenance

Discover how to clean, remove rust and polish your golf clubs, ensuring they are in top condition with our comprehensive step-by-step guide.

How to Stop Topping The Golf Ball

Topping the golf ball can be frustrating. In this blog, we share expert tips and tricks on ways to stop topping the golf ball. Read more here.

How Many Golf Clubs Can You Carry

According to their regulations, the maximum number of golf clubs a player is allowed to carry in their bag during a round is 14. Read more here.

How to Hit a Golf Ball

Mastering how to hit a golf ball, especially with a driver, takes patience and practice. Learn some tips and tricks from our experts.

How to Hold a Golf Club

One fundamental aspect (and seemingly obvious) area that significantly impacts a golfer’s game is how a golf club is held. From the nuances surrounding gripping, the iGolf team have pulled together our best tips and tricks on how to properly hold a golf club, and get the very best shot.

Expert Golf Tips for Beginners

Here are eight expert tips for golf beginners that will have you playing like a pro in no time: Discover more here

What is a Good Handicap in Golf?

Whether you’re a golf enthusiast or just a casual player, you’ve undoubtedly heard of a golf handicap. But what is a good handicap?

How Much Are Golf Club Memberships?

A golf club membership gives you preferential access to that club’s course, facilities, and playing times at the venue. But how much are they?

Rules Of Golf Handicapping

While it’s common knowledge that a handicap signifies the level of a golfer’s skill, less known are the rules of handicapping. These rules are implemented to ensure that every handicap is calculated by following the same process. They also act as guidelines for unique circumstances, such as what to do when a round is stopped due to bad weather or poor light.

What is the Highest Golf Handicap for a Woman?

Before 2020, the highest golf handicap differed between men and women - 36.4 and 40.4 respectively. However, this was re-established in 2020 in a significant shake up to the handicap rulings and calculations, done to make the great game of golf more accessible and inclusive to all players.

8 Tips for Reducing Your Carbon Footprint on the Course

Sustainability may not be the main thing on your mind when you approach the first tee on a golf course. But, without making huge changes to your routine, there are certain good-practice habits you can implement to increase sustainability in your golf game.

Understanding the Golf Shank: Causes and Cures

Nothing can ruin a hole (and make your playing partners silently smirk) quite like a golf shank. You aim for the flag, take your swing, and the ball sets off at a 90-degree angle.  To stop the shank, you first need to understand where your club is making contact with the ball.

Close up Golfer is driving golf ball to green course

Handicap Index® vs Course Handicap™: What’s the Difference?

While they both serve the same purpose, there are key differences between a golf handicaps and course handicaps. Learn more here

English Senior Men’s Amateur Championship 2020 at Woodhall Spa. Steve Yorke

10 Proven Strategies to Lower Your Golf Handicap

Nothing beats the feeling of watching your handicap decrease as your golf skills increase. It’s highly motivating, and with the right approach, something you can continue to improve. Here are ten proven strategies to reduce your golf handicap.

World Handicap System™ 2024 Updates

What Are The World Handicap System™ 2024 Updates?

Discover the forthcoming changes to the World Handicap System™ (WHS™) in 2024, and explore the refined rule and collaborative efforts empowering golfers for a more consistent and inclusive playing experience.

Golfers looking at scorecard

What is Stableford Scoring and How Does It Work?

Golf can be a complex sport, especially for newcomers, but stableford scoring can help simplify the game and can make it more enjoyable for all skill levels. In this blog, we’ll break down what Stableford scoring is and how it works in a way that’s easy to understand.

5 Lesser-Known Rules of Golf You Might Not Know

Golf is a sport steeped in tradition, and with that tradition comes a complex set of rules. While most golfers are familiar with the basics, like keeping score and avoiding hazards. However, there are some rules in the Official Rules of Golf, established by the R&A and the USGA, that are lesser-known but equally important.

Perfecting Your Putting: A Comprehensive Guide for Mid to High Handicap Golfers

If you’re looking to improve your putting and lower your scores, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we will explore the key aspects of putting, share some valuable tips, and help you on your journey to improve your putting skills.

Teeing Off Through Time: A Brief History of Golf Handicaps and the Game-Changer for Non-Club Members

Golf blends strategy, skill, and a dash of elegance, and has a rich history spanning centuries. From its origins in the rolling hills of Scotland to its modern-day global appeal, golf has evolved, and with it, so has the concept of handicapping.

Choosing the Right Golf Equipment for Your Game with iGolf

For beginners looking to delve into the world of golf, having the right equipment is paramount. Enter iGolf, the user-friendly platform offered by England Golf, designed to help golfers track their progress and start their journey towards getting a Handicap Index®.

fitness in golf

The Role of Fitness in Golf: Exercises and Routines for a Lower Handicap

Looking to lower your handicap and improve your golf game? Boost your fitness and focus with this easy-to-follow exercise routine.

how to break 80

How to Break 80: A Step-by-Step Guide

Aiming to break 80 is an ambitious yet attainable achievement for most golfers – provided you’re willing to put in the required effort and time, of course.

The Mental Game of Golf: How to Stay Calm and Focused on the Course

The Mental Game of Golf: How to Stay Calm and Focused on the Course

It’s no secret that golf is as much a game of mental strength as it is one of physical strength.

How to Improve Your Handicap with Mental Techniques: Tips and Strategies

How to Improve Your Handicap with Mental Techniques: Tips and Strategies

Anyone who has played a round of 18 holes knows that golf is a game that tests both your physical and mental strength.

Golf course

WHS™ Cross Border Scoring in GB&I

iGolfers using the My England Golf App can now add general play scored from any affiliated course in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales as well as courses in England, thanks to the new interoperability software.

a person wearing blue playing golf on a green golf course

The Top 10 Mistakes Golfers Make and How to Avoid Them

Golf is a game that requires patience, practice, and skill. As with most sports, it’s easy to make little mistakes that can impact your Handicap Index® - even the most seasoned golfers can make the same mistakes again and again. 

Two people on a golf course crouching down inspecting the golf shot

The Science of Golf: How the Physics of the Game Affect Your Shots

Golf is a sport with a rich history that’s been around for centuries, and its popularity continues to grow. Requiring patience and skill, even the most experienced golfers need to have a good understanding of the science behind the game in order to improve their overall game and reach their desired Handicap Index®.

Equipment for Winter Golf

Equipment for Winter Golf

As the Winter weather seem to stick with us you’ll continue to notice a number of affects the harsh conditions have on your course.

English Senior Men’s Amateur Ch ampionship 2020 at Woodhall Spa. David Nelson

iGolf – The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

With Father’s Day just around the corner (Sunday 19th June to be precise), it’s never too early to start planning. Whilst you shouldn’t reserve showing that you love and appreciate your parents, honorary parents, step-parents or grandparents once or twice a year, Father’s Day is a great way to show you care.

Mother's day present

iGolf: The Perfect Mother's Day Present

With Mother's Day fast approaching (Sunday, March 19 to be exact), it's time to start planning the perfect celebration for the special woman in your life

People practicing golf shots at a golf range

Research Driven Hints & Tips to Up Your Golf Game

There are few better ways to spend time than on the fairway playing golf with friends - unless you’re having an off-day, of course.

People stood on a field holding golf putters

The Fundamentals of Golf Explained

Every golfer is looking for a way to become better and often ensuring the basics are done right not only helps simplify the game but also provides the peace of mind to stand over the ball and execute the shot you want.

Field with golf balls and happy new year sign on the grass

10 New Year's Resolutions Every Golfer Should Make

If you’re going to set new year’s resolutions, you might as well make them relate to golf. This is especially applicable if you’re just starting out or an enthusiastic casual player.

Things To Know About Winter Golf

Golfing in winter allows you to maintain your form and keep improving your game. After all, if you can master the tougher conditions, it only serves to benefit your game in ideal conditions. Here is everything you need to know to play your best this winter.

Slingsby Golf Academy 2022

Discover What The 2022 Slingsby Golf Cadets Think of iGolf

Slingsby’s Class of 2022 included Olympic equestrian Zara Tindall, well-known tennis coach Judy Murray, Doctor and TV personality Zoe Williams and Sky Sports Boxing presenter Anna Woolhouse.

2 women on a golf course

How iGolf Can Help More Women Play More Golf

With females across age groups now having an increased interest in the sport, what parts of the platform are supporting female golfers to get involved?

Golf Etiquette: Everything you Need to Know

Like all sports, golf comes with its own set of rules and regulations, such as penalty strokes for water hazards or grounding the club when playing out of a bunker.

a red christmas bauble next to a golf hole with a flag pole

Why iGolf is The Perfect Christmas Gift for Golf Lovers

As the end of 2022 draws closer that can only mean one thing; Christmas is fast approaching.

Bronte Law playing golf

The Best Pro and Amateur Female English Golfers

Golf is a sport that has often been skewed towards a male demographic. But there’s a real possibility this could become a thing of the past, as post-pandemic data shows that more and more women are playing golf for the first time.

English Senior Men’s Amateur Championship 2020 at Woodhall Spa. The 18th hole, Hotchkin Course

Fleetwood encourages non-club golfers to join iGolf

Five-time DP World Tour winner, Tommy Fleetwood, has pledged his support for iGolf, the digital subscription platform offering non-club members an official handicap.

iGolf reaches 25,000 subscribers

England Golf has today announced that iGolf, the game-changing platform offering non-club members an official WHS Handicap Index, has reached 25,000 subscribers.

England Golf - England Women’s Stroke Play 2020 at Burnham and Berrow day 3 - Fifion Tynan.

5 Golf Tips For Women Who Want To Get Into Golf

The male to female ratio on the golf course – traditionally weighted towards males – is improving. It’s great to see golf becoming more accessible, as clubs do all they can to make everyone – no matter their age, gender, ethnicity or ability feel included.

Slingsby_Golf_Academy (1)

How the Slingsby Golf Academy is Growing Women’s Golf

Supported by Slingsby Gin, The Slingsby Golf Academy has been created to inspire and increase female participation within golf. With the help of a few famous faces, including Zara Tindall, Judy Murray, Zoe Williams and Anna Woolhouse, The Slingsby Golf Academy has entered its second season.

England Golf - England Women’s Stroke Play 2020 at Burnham and Berrow day 2 - Ellie Gower.

The Ultimate Golfing Glossary

Golf is becoming more and more accessible to people of all backgrounds and whilst the growth of the sport is important for all involved, it can still be a daunting experience when taking your first steps onto a course!

England Golf Awards: Women and Girls Trailblazers

With more women and girls wanting to get involved with golf, England Golf has been working hard to support growth through different initiatives and through supporting individuals who are also helping to further the game.

3 women walking through a golf course

Everything You Need To Know About Women’s Golf Day

Women’s Golf Day is a one day event that is celebrated every year (usually in June), and commemorates and empowers women in golf.

English Open for golfers with a disability at Whittlebury Park Golf Club.

How To Make Your Golf Club Disability Friendly

The historical perceptions and issues of inclusion that have often held golf back in the past are quickly being dismantled, as golf clubs and associations put things in place to make golf a more accessible sport for all.

person playing golf on a golfing field

6 Benefits of Playing Golf

The popularity of golf is continuing to grow across all demographics. This has not only seen an increase in membership uptake but also the introduction of innovative new platforms such as iGolf to help drive this trend, which itself has amassed over 16,000 subscribers since its launch in July 2021.

The Top 5 Golf Shots at The Masters

Often deemed as the ‘unofficial start’ to the new golf season, The Masters is a unique spectacle unlike any of the other three major championships staged later in the year. Hosted at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, it is where new champions are made and legacies are forged.

How Can We Make Golf More Accessible?

Golf is a sport that can offer all individuals both a thrill and a challenge, regardless of ability or demographic, but the traditional perceptions about golf’s aura of exclusivity have often hindered its ability to attract new people into the sport.

Man playing golf

How an iGolf Subscription Can Benefit Your Society or Corporate Golf Day

With both society and corporate golf days becoming more and more popular amongst non-club members, ensuring everyone can compete fairly is very important.

Masters Week is the Perfect Time to Kick-start Your Golf Game in 2022

Home to roaring crowds, lush fairways and back-nine Sundays, The Masters tournament is the one event of the year that makes every golfer eager to pick up their clubs and head to the first tee to improve their game.

The Carris Trophy 2020 at Broadstone Golf Club,

6 Ways to Protect Yourself and Stay Cool on the Golf Course this Summer

Whilst golf is often perceived as a challenging sport, it is one that is also immensely enjoyable and highly satisfying for players of all abilities. Played at your own pace and promoting good exercise and fresh air, golf is a sport that offers something for everyone.

How to Get a Golf Handicap (For Non-Members)

From the outside looking in, golf can sometimes feel like a sport out of reach. There can be a lot of myths surrounding golf. In some instances, expensive and exclusive club memberships often reinforce them, but the reality is that this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

How to Calculate a Golf Handicap

Despite its first-glance appearance as a complex concept reserved only for highly-experienced and regular golfers, a handicap is something that can be obtained and benefitted from by casual and skilled golfers alike.


The World Handicap System (WHS) Explained

You may already have a handicap and want to compete at some other golf courses this year, or you could be determined to obtain your first official handicap. Whatever your situation is, it will pay to know what the new World Handicap System (WHS) is, and how it will help you to achieve your 2022 handicap goals.

iGolf – What is it and how can it help you to achieve your new year golfing resolutions?

In 2021, England Golf, the governing body for amateur golf in England, unveiled their brand-new subscription platform, iGolf. Find out how can it help you!

10 Common Myths About Golf Debunked

Golf has been around for centuries – in fact, it’s thought that the modern game of golf dates back to 15th-century Scotland. With so much history, it’s understandable that there’s a little bit of misinformation going around. However, these myths could stop people who may be interested in the game from playing. So, we’re here to debunk some of the most common myths about golf.

How Well Do You Know The Rules Of Golf?

As part of their Golf Life series, Tubes and Ange met up with England Golf's Championship Director James Crampton to discuss some of the finer parts of the beautiful game! Some of the topics and rules discussed in this video really will shock you!

What is iGolf?

iGolf is a subscription-based service offering non-club members the opportunity to get a Handicap Index® under the World Handicap System™.

iGolf is an easy-to-use platform that enables you to track your performance, view your playing record and interact with friends.

Learn more about iGolf here


How do I join?

Joining iGolf is simple, simply click Join Now, fill in the required details, and start the journey towards gaining a Handicap Index® under the World Handicap System™.

Please be sure to read our Terms and Conditions for eligibility and entitlement details.

Become an iGolfer here


What is the WHS™?

The World Handicap System™ (WHS™) is designed to welcome more players to the game, make golf easier to understand and to give all golfers a Handicap Index® which is portable all around the globe.

Learn more about the WHS™ here

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