How To Measure Golf Club Length: Perfect Fit

Date Published: 10/05/2024

Selecting the right golf club is crucial to improving your game, and the length of the club is one of the most important factors to consider. Properly measured clubs can enhance your stance, swing, and overall performance on the course. This guide will walk you through “how to measure golf club length” to ensure your clubs fit perfectly, enhancing both comfort and technique.

Understanding the Importance of Club Length

The length of a golf club affects the arc of your swing and the distance the ball will travel. If a club is too long, it can lead to mis-hits, reduced accuracy, and an uncomfortable swing. Conversely, a club that is too short can cause poor posture, increased effort during the swing, and reduced distance. Therefore, having clubs tailored to your height and swing style can make a significant difference.

Tools Needed

To measure a golf club, you’ll need:

  • A 48-inch measuring ruler or a tape measure
  • A golf club
  • A flat, even surface
  • A standard golf posture

Step-by-Step Guide to Measuring Golf Club Length

  1. Prepare the Measurement Area: Place your golf club on a flat surface. The club should be in a playing position with the toe of the club pointing up so the shaft is lying flat.
  2. Measure the Club: Position the ruler so that it runs from the ground up to the end of the grip cap. Make sure the ruler is touching the end of the grip and parallel to the shaft. The measurement from the ground to the top of the grip is the length of the golf club.
  3. Check the Lie of the Club: While not directly part of the length measurement, checking the lie (the angle between the shaft and the ground when the club is in a playing position) is also crucial. The lie affects how the club interacts with the ground at impact, which in turn can affect the flight and direction of the ball.

Personalising Club Length

To find the right club length for your height, follow these general guidelines:

  • For Golfers 5’5″ to 5’9″: Standard club length typically works well.
  • Below 5’5″: Consider shortening your clubs by half an inch.
  • Above 5’9″: You might need clubs that are half an inch to one inch longer.

Additional Tips

  • Professional Fitting: For the most accurate fitting, consult with a professional. They can provide a comprehensive fitting session that considers not just club length, but also swing speed, grip size, and lie angle.
  • Experiment: If possible, try swinging clubs of different lengths to see what feels most natural and effective for your swing.

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