What is iGolf

What is iGolf?

iGolf is an easy-to-use platform that enables you to track your performance, view your playing record and obtain a Handicap Index® under the World Handicap System™. All while being covered with Personal Liability Insurance from Marsh Sport.

iGolf is the only way to obtain a Handicap Index under the WHS, the same as a club member has.


Who is iGolf for?

iGolf is for non-club members who want to track their progress and start their journey towards getting a Handicap Index®.


How much is iGolf?

An iGolf subscription is £46 per year and in return gives iGolfers a Handicap Index® on the World Handicap System™ and personal liability insurance through Marsh Sport.


What benefits are included with iGolf?

iGolf subscribers can enjoy access to a range of benefits including the ability to gain a Handicap Index®, personal liability insurance, and have access to the MyEG app.

View the full range of benefits available to iGolfers here

Who can verify my scores?

As an iGolf subscriber any club members, iGolf subscribers, or iPlay users who have access to the MyEG app, regardless of having a Handicap Index® or not, can use the MyEG app to enter and verify scores.


Can previous club members join?

If you have previously ever held a Handicap Index® in the World Handicap System™ (WHS™) and have a lifelong membership number, please make sure to enter this at sign up so we can transfer your scoring history and Handicap across to iGolf.

One golfer should only ever have one membership number, which will remain with them throughout their golfing journey.

Please note: if you are an ex-club member, you must be outside of your previous membership for a minimum of 30 days before you can join the iGolf subscription. For full details on eligibility visit our terms and conditions.


How can iGolf help my golf club/facility?

Since iGolf launched in July 2021, we have seen a great transition of iGolf subscribers into golf club membership. Therefore, we have created a platform for golf clubs and facilities to promote their current offers, discounts, and opportunities to iGolfers.

These offers and opportunities can include club competition, green fee or membership offers, view our offers & opportunities page here.

View our iGolf Information for Golf Clubs

View our iGolf Information for Facilities

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