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We’re ready to help you get your official handicap – iGolf is available for non-club members for £40 per year! Why not join our community of 25,000 golfers today…

As a non-club member, you can now join iGolf for just £40 per year!

As England Golf is the only authorised handicapping body for the World Handicap System in England, this is the only place you can access an official handicap index under the WHS, the same as club members.

Through the MyEG app, iGolf is an easy-to-use platform that enables you to track your performance, view your playing record and see how your game stacks up against your friends.

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We have a dedicated page to explain everything from what iGolf is to what benefits are included.


Be part of a digital community of likeminded golfers

Track your scores and progress via the My EG app

Easy sign-up process

Great value at just £40 for a 12-month subscription

Peace of mind and protection with personal liability insurance

Flexible opportunity to suit your lifestyle

MyEG app

Your iGolf subscription gives you access to the MyEG app.

For more information on how to navigate the app and answer any other questions please view here.

WHS Handicap

If you are still getting to grips with your new WHS handicap or want to know more about how it all works, we are here to help you…

Offers & Ops

As an iGolf subscriber you have exclusive access to offers and opportunities provided by clubs and other supporters of iGolf.

These can vary from membership offers, to reduced green fees and a variety of competitions.

iGolf vouchers now on sale!

An iGolf voucher provides the perfect gift for the avid golfer who is not a club member.

Buying a voucher for a loved one, family member or friend will give them the chance to gain an official World Handicap System (WHS) handicap index, track their game, input scores (and more!) and is the perfect present for the 2.3 million non-club golfers in England.