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Welcome to iGolf

iGolf is an easy-to-use platform that enables you to track your performance, view your playing record and obtain or maintain a Handicap Index® under the World Handicap System™ through the MyEG app.

iGolf subscribers are also covered with Personal Liability Insurance from Marsh Sport.

What is iGolf?

iGolf is for non-club members who want to start their journey towards getting a Handicap Index®.

How Does iGolf Work?

Find out how to use iGolf, the easy-to-use platform enabling non-club golfers to obtain a Handicap Index®.

iGolf Benefits

iGolf subscribers can enjoy access to a range of benefits, explore the full range of benefits here.

MyEG App

The MyEG App provides iGolfers with the ability to input scores to obtain a Handicap Index®.

I just wanted to get an official handicap

It’s great that iGolf is now there for people like me, I think it’s something that’s long overdue. I just wanted to get an official handicap and open up the chances to play in some competitive events.

Adam Leeder


It’s given me a target, to achieve a lower handicap

For me, it’s given me a target to achieve a lower handicap, but also has become a fun tool to compete with friends, track each other’s progress and have side matches .

Jack Butland


My overall experience has been really positive

What I have discovered with iGolf is that having a handicap isn’t just about competitions. It’s a great marker to use against your own success and improvement.

Emma Ballard


My iGolf journey has been amazing

My iGolf journey has been amazing, challenging, and joyous. Although, golf is hard, too much to learn to unpack.

Said El Busefi


iGolf is the perfect solution for women

The main question you get asked when playing with someone is what your handicap is, so iGolf gives me that ability to own one and be able to tell them that.

Denise Bradley


Joining iGolf together is great from a competitive standpoint

We all have the habit of chucking scorecards at the bottom of the bag, but with iGolf it allows us to create a golfing journal, that we can look back through and see our golfing journey.



I joined iGolf last year it's fantastic

I love the idea of gaining a handicap this way, it’s given me the incentive to improve on my scores and become a better golfer. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to get into golf.

James Haynes


This is perfect for me as a beginner to golf

I’ve been reluctant to join a club and pay such a large membership fee. By joining iGolf, I’m still able to record my progress and get a handicap without joining a club and this is perfect for me as a beginner.

Ashlea Milner


I’ve met quite a few friends since joining iGolf

There are people that I speak to regularly online and I’ve met up with a few of them to play golf with, which is very cool. I’m sure that’ll only grow over time as well.

Alex Mongan-Barker