iGolfer Testimonials

Welcome to our testimonial hub, where the voices of our satisfied iGolfers take centre stage.

Discover first-hand accounts of their experiences, as they share the details of their golfing journey, how they enjoy the benefits of iGolf, and how becoming an iGolfer has benefitted their game.

iGolfer Jack Butland

‘It’s given me a target, to achieve a lower handicap’ – Jack Butland

Discover how England International, Jack Butland, has used iGolf to maintain and improve his Handicap Index®.


'Having a handicap isn’t just about competitions' - Emma Ballard

Women & Golf Editor, Emma Ballard, has been involved with golf throughout her entire life, but until joining iGolf Emma had never had a handicap.


‘I’ve made more of an effort to ensure I prioritise playing more and making time to golf’ – Ashlea Milner

Having caddied for her husband during the 2021 lockdown, Ashlea Milner, thought the game of golf looked fun and was wanting to give the game ago.

Group of iGolfers

'Joining iGolf together is great from a competitive standpoint' - Jack May

Jack, Charlie, Brandon, and Nathan had limited experience in golf, but in the summer of 2022 the four friends decided to journey into the world of golf together and document their progress along the way with iGolf.

James Haynes Testimonial

‘I joined iGolf last year and it has been fantastic’ – James Haynes

Having played golf earlier in life before joining the military and starting a family, James Haynes, has been able to get himself immersed back into golf through his iGolf subscription.

Said Testimony

‘My iGolf journey has been amazing’ - Said El Busefi

After starting golf in May 2020, Said El Busefi was still very much a newcomer when he discovered iGolf in 2021. Learn how iGolf helped Said become more committed to the game of golf.

Slingsby Golf Academy 2022

Discover What The 2022 Slingsby Golf Cadets Think of iGolf

Slingsby’s Class of 2022 included Olympic equestrian Zara Tindall, well-known tennis coach Judy Murray, Doctor and TV personality Zoe Williams and Sky Sports Boxing presenter Anna Woolhouse.

Adam Leeder Testimonial

‘I just wanted to get an official handicap’ - Adam Leeder

Adam Leeder has admitted the iGolf platform is perfect for him as he juggles work, family and football and builds towards the day when he can fully commit to golf club membership.

Denise Testimonial

'iGolf is the perfect solution for women'- Denise Bradley

Amidst the noise of a busy working life in London, iGolfer Denise Bradley, maintains her passion for the sport thanks to England Golfs digital community for non-club golfers.

Alex Testimonial

'I’ve met quite a few friends since joining iGolf' - Alex Mongan-Barker

Alex Mongan-Barker was new the golfing scene, having taken up the sport during the first lockdown in 2019. Discover how iGolf help Alex kickstart his golfing journey.

What is iGolf?

iGolf is a subscription-based service offering non-club members the opportunity to get a Handicap Index® under the World Handicap System™.

iGolf is an easy-to-use platform that enables you to track your performance, view your playing record and interact with friends.

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How do I join?

Joining iGolf is simple, simply click Join Now, fill in the required details, and start the journey towards gaining a Handicap Index® under the World Handicap System™.

Please be sure to read our Terms and Conditions for eligibility and entitlement details.

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What is the WHS™?

The World Handicap System™ (WHS™) is designed to welcome more players to the game, make golf easier to understand and to give all golfers a Handicap Index® which is portable all around the globe.

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