‘I’ve made more of an effort to ensure I prioritise playing more and making time to golf’ – Ashlea Milner

Date Published: 12/06/2023

Having caddied for her husband during the 2021 lockdown, Ashlea Milner, thought the game of golf looked fun and was wanting to give the game ago.

Almost two years later she is now an active iGolfer running her own golfing Instagram page with over 5,000 followers and is a Hub Hero for the UK Women’s Golf Community.

“I got into golf just after the 2021 lockdown as the golf courses opened before gyms. My husband was out playing so I caddied for him and thought I think I should give golf looked like fun!” Ashlea said.

Since playing golf, Ashlea like many other has been able to reap both the metal and physical benefits that golf offers. Ashlea explained:

“It’s great exercise and time outdoors which I love, and think are both important for your mental and physical health. It’s a great way of meeting new people and making friends.”

As well as playing golf, Ashlea began and continues to document her golfing journey through her Instagram page, @ladyleftgolfer, Ashlea explained.

“I love recording my life in photos, diaries, and notebooks. It is so good to look back and realise how far you’ve come and by documenting my journey through Instagram.”

Alongside documenting her journey Ashlea has been able to meet other female golfers through social media and even became a hub hero for the UK Women’s Golf Community.

“I do play with other women I have met through the UK Women’s Golf Community set up by The Jazzy Golfer. I put Rudding Park Hotel forward and became their hub hero for the Monday evening lady’s socials.” said Ashlea.

iGolfer Ashlea Milner, also known as @LadyLeftGolfer.

Having started her golfing journey in 2021, Ashlea heard about iGolf through the golfing Instagram community and her husband, and after following the page she was lucky enough to win a year’s free subscription to iGolf.

“It was perfect timing; I had just set myself a goal to get my handicap this summer and I had been looking at club memberships and the iGolf subscription and then I won the giveaway for a year’s subscription!” Ashlea said.

Having become an iGolfer Ashlea has become more committed to golf and found herself finding more time for the game, but still feels iGolf is perfect for her at this point in her golfing journey.

“I’ve made more of an effort to ensure I prioritise playing more and making time to golf in my busy life.

I have been reluctant to join a club and pay such a large membership fee when realistically I wouldn’t be able to golf that often and get the most out of it due to work and family commitments and other hobbies I have.

By joining iGolf, I am still able to record my progress and get a handicap without joining a club and this is perfect for me right now as a beginner to golf.” Ashlea explained.

As well as enjoying iGolf herself Ashlea would recommend the subscription to anyone who is new to the game of golf.

“I would say it’s beneficial to get as soon as you start playing 9 or 18 holes as you will have a full record of your rounds and will be able to see the improvement you make.  

I’ve been trying to get my friends to get into golf but not had much luck up to now!”

Having found more time for golf since becoming an iGolfer, Ashlea has is now even considering joining a golf club and has it as one of her golfing targets for the rest of 2023.

“I do want to be a club member; I think the one thing for me would be recording international golf as I’m unable to do this currently and wished I was a member of a club so I could have the golf from my honeymoon recorded.

My golfing targets for the rest of this year are join a club or decide on which club for next year, break 100 by the end of the year or as early as possibly next year, and play as many different courses as I can.” Ashlea said.


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