How Does iGolf Work

iGolf is an easy-to-use platform that enables non-club golfers to obtain a Handicap Index® under the World Handicap System™, track their performance, and get covered with Personal Liability Insurance from Marsh Sport.

Find out how to join iGolf and work the MyEG app below:

Working iGolf is simple...

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    View and read information about iGolf on our dedicated website, to find out if an iGolf subscription is for you, including our Terms and Conditions for eligibility and entitlement details.

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    Following registration, you will receive a ‘Welcome’ email, with details including your unique lifelong membership number. If you were previously a club member, and already have a membership number, you will need to provide this during the sign-up process.

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    Once registered, download the MyEG App by searching for “My England Golf” or “My EG” in your app store (iOS or Android).

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    Login using your membership number and password, you are now ready to start submitting your scores for handicap purposes via the app.

    Please note: If you were previously a club member with scores on the World Handicap System™ (WHS™) from 1 January 2018, your Handicap Index® and playing record will be transferred over to iGolf.

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    Find important information on how to obtain and maintain your Handicap Index® here. Rounds submitted must be attested by a marker (i.e. a player who holds a valid membership number, such as a club member or another iGolf subscriber). Learn how to use the app here.

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    Using your membership number and password, you can also login to the iGolf platform to access your Handicap Index® information and account details.

    More details of your Personal Liability Insurance can be accessed via the iGolf Platform.

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How Does iGolf Work

Find out how to join iGolf and work the MyEG App.

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