‘It’s given me a target, to achieve a lower handicap’ – Jack Butland

Date Published: 06/07/2023

Having been a golf club member, former Manchester United, Crystal Palace, and Stoke City goalkeeper Jack Butland, has used iGolf to maintain his Handicap Index® over the last two years as he has moved around the country.

Jack started playing golf with his late grandfather, and like most found the game both incredibly frustrating but irresistible at the same time, he explained.

“I first picked up a golf club because of my late grandfather, who played, and I loved it. I found it incredibly frustrating to begin with, I guess that’s why I carried on playing.”

Before joining iGolf Jack had previously been a club member, but due to work commitments found it hard to find a home club, this is when a friend told jack about iGolf.

“I had been a member and held a handicap before, but with moving around the country it was difficult to maintain, plus I like to play different courses when given the chance.

Being on the move so much I didn’t have a home club, and needed to find a way to still maintain a handicap, and that’s where iGolf came in.

I heard about iGolf through a friend, we now all use it to play and be competitive against each other.

It’s also nice to keep an eye out for any sneaky rounds they try and keep quiet.” Jack said.

Having joined iGolf, Jack has found himself taking his golf more seriously and has enjoyed using the MyEG App as a tool to compete with his friends.

“For me, it’s given me a target to achieve a lower handicap, but also has become a fun tool to compete with friends, track each other’s progress and have side matches between us using the app.” said Jack.

We’d like to thank Jack for taking the time to provide us with his thoughts and feedback of his time being an iGolf subscriber.