Handicap Index® vs Course Handicap™: What’s the Difference?

Date Published: 23/11/2023

You’ve likely heard of a handicap in golf – and probably have a good idea of what it is.

A Handicap Index® is the value calculated from the best eight scored from the most recent 20 scores submitted, using an average of the best eight score differentials. 

A Course Handicap™ is particular to the specific tee set being played, and denotes how many strokes the golfer receives. A golfer can use the relevant Course Handicap™ table or the MyEG app to find their course handicap. 

The significance of having a Handicap Index®

Handicaps have been around since the 1800s, and provide players with an accurate measurement of their performance and progress. One of the only ways to acquire a Handicap Index® is by subscribing to iGolf.

After downloading the MyEG app, you will be able to obtain your Handicap Index® by submitting previous scores from a minimum of 54 holes (3 rounds).

How to calculate your Handicap Index®

Since its launch in January 2020, the WHS™ (World Handicap System™) calculates a golfer’s Handicap Index® automatically, using their eight best score differentials from their most recent 20 rounds.

Handicaps are not designed to reflect your average score, but rather how well you’re likely to play on a course of average difficulty.

Before the launch of iGolf, a Handicap Index® was only accessible to golfers with a golf club membership. Your Handicap Index® can go up or down depending on how your performances.

Course Handicap™

A Course Handicap™ enables you to compete fairly on any tee set in the world according to the slope rating of that tee set. Calculating your Course Handicap™ requires an existing golf handicap.

With iGolf, your Course Handicap™ is calculated automatically on the MyEG app.  You can also check the course handicap of other golfers via the MyEG app on your handset.

Attain your golf handicap with iGolf

iGolf is a subscription-based platform launched by England Golf designed specifically for non-club members. You gain access to your Handicap Index®, and benefit from personal liability insurance to ensure a worry-free experience.

Simply sign up, download the England Golf app and login to gain access to the iGolf platform. Benefits include:

  • A complete digital history of your golf handicap and scores over time
  • Keep track of your progression 
  • Easy sign-up process
  • £44 for a 12-month subscription