What Are The World Handicap System™ 2024 Updates?

Date Published: 22/11/2023

Discover the forthcoming changes to the World Handicap System™ (WHS™) in 2024, and explore the refined rule and collaborative efforts empowering golfers for a more consistent and inclusive playing experience.

The changes included in the 2024 update of the WHS™ Rules of Handicapping & Course Rating™ are:

Rules of Handicapping

  • Introduction of Course Rating™ minus PAR (within GB&I)
  • Introduction of acceptable scores from fourball betterball formats (within GB&I)
  • Implementation of Expected Scoring
  • Using Un-rounded Course Handicap™ calculation where computer precision is used

Course Rating™

  • Rating of courses of a minimum 1500 yards for 18 holes courses and 750 yards for a 9 hole course.
  • Standardising Par

These changes will not take effect until the 1 April, 2024.