How to Stop Topping The Golf Ball

Date Published: 05/03/2024

Topping the golf ball is a common frustration for many golfers, this pesky mishit occurs when the clubhead strikes the ball above its equator, resulting in a shot that skims across the ground rather than soaring through the air. 

But fear not, as there are effective fixes to help you eliminate this issue from your game, ensuring your shots fly high and true, just as intended.

Follow our guide for tips and tricks from golfing experts.

Understand the Cause

The first step in rectifying the topped shot is understanding its root causes. Common factors include poor posture, incorrect ball position, and a lack of consistency in the swing plane. 

Each of these elements plays a crucial role in ensuring the clubhead makes proper contact with the ball.

Master Your Stance

A stable and balanced stance lays the foundation for a successful golf swing. Ensure your feet are shoulder-width apart, with your weight evenly distributed between both feet. 

This balance is vital for maintaining control throughout the swing. Flexing your knees slightly and bending from your hips, not your waist, will promote a more stable posture. 

Golfers in the UK are accustomed to playing in varied weather conditions, will find that a solid stance is particularly beneficial when facing the unpredictable winds that are often a factor on courses throughout the British Isles.

Position the Ball Correctly

Ball positioning is another critical factor in preventing topped shots. For most irons, positioning the ball in the centre of your stance is a good rule of thumb. 

However, as you move to longer clubs, such as fairway woods or the driver, the ball should be positioned progressively forward in your stance. 

This adjustment ensures that your club contacts the ball at the correct point in your swing arc, promoting a clean, upward strike that generates lift.

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

It may seem like a cliché, but keeping your eye on the ball until after you’ve made contact is fundamental. 

Many golfers inadvertently look up too soon, eager to see where their shot will land. This premature movement can alter your body’s alignment and lead to a mis-hit. 

Focusing on the ball until your club makes contact will help ensure a more consistent and powerful shot.

Practice a Consistent Swing Plane

The path your club takes during your swing – the swing plane – is crucial for hitting the ball correctly. A swing that is too steep or too shallow can easily result in topping the ball. 

Working on maintaining a consistent swing plane will help you strike the ball with the right trajectory. This consistency can be achieved through practice and, if necessary, lessons with a PGA professional who can provide tailored advice and drills to improve your swing dynamics.

Topping the golf ball can be a discouraging experience, but with the right approach and dedication to practice, it’s a problem that can be overcome. 

Remember to focus on the fundamentals: maintain a stable stance, position the ball correctly for each club, keep your eye on the ball, and work on achieving a consistent swing plane. 

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