How Much Are Golf Club Memberships?

Date Published: 22/12/2023

Perhaps you’ve been considering joining a golf club for a while, but you’re not sure what it entails or which one to choose. The latter is relatively easy – with over 1, 800 golf clubs affiliated with England Golf, choose whichever is your favourite or most accessible!

A golf club membership gives you preferential access to that club’s course, facilities, and playing times at the venue.

How much does a golf membership cost?

The membership fees will vary from club to club, depending on the location, facilities and, at times, history of the club. On average, the price of a full seven-day membership at a club in England is £900 – which works out to £75 per month.

There is a degree of flexibility to this pricing, as almost all golf clubs offer alternatives to the full seven-day membership. These options include five-day or off-peak memberships, family memberships, and junior memberships.

What requirements does a golf club membership have?

Aside from membership fees, none at all!

Golf novices are always welcome, and while membership allows access to tournaments and competitive play, this is a perk and not a requirement. In fact, club membership can offer almost the opposite of tournament play – with unrestricted course access, you can play a few holes whenever suits you.

Clubs may have a dress policy, but this is very easy to adhere to. Most clubs want you to feel relaxed and comfortable on the course, so unless you’re wearing ripped jeans or something equally out of place, you shouldn’t fall foul of any dress code.

The benefits of golf club membership

  • Course and facility access

Your golf club membership (regardless of which option you choose) will give you access to the facility course, practice areas, driving range, clubhouse and changing rooms.

  • Preferential access peak times

Perhaps one of the best things about a golf membership: no more very early morning tee times. Membership gives you preferential access to the course at peak times.

  • Competitive opportunities

All clubs host a range of competitions for their members throughout the year. These formats can include match play, stroke play, Stableford, greensomes, or Texas Scramble.

  • The social setting

Meet and play with hundreds of like-minded golf enthusiasts. Most clubs arrange social get-togethers for their members, and if you need help integrating with meet-and-greets, the club captain will be there to introduce you when you join.

  • Discounts on refreshments

Golf club membership typically includes a discounted rate on food and drinks and, at some clubs, merchandise and apparel too!

For non-club members, consider iGolf

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