Everything You Need To Know About Women’s Golf Day

Date Published: 07/06/2022

Women’s Golf Day is celebrated every year (usually in June), and commemorates and empowers women in golf.  Women’s Golf Day is a weeklong event taking place from Tuesday May 30th 2023 until Tuesday June 6th 2023, it was started in 2016 by golf writer, Elise Gaudet.

She told GOLF.com this was a “passion project” that aims to encourage more females to play golf, which is a male-dominated sport. 

According to Bunkered, more than 50,000 girls and women got involved in Women’s Golf Day, it spans across 80 countries and there are 1,000 host locations. 

Where is Women’s Golf Day celebrated? 

Women’s Golf Day is celebrated all over the world in country clubs, golfing retail stores, golf resorts, driving ranges and private golf clubs.

However, this years Women’s Golf Day is starting with a a free, virtual online event for men and women.

You can view and take part in this event here.

What happens during Women’s Golf Day

Whilst golfing venues are required to register with Women’s Golf Day and have two hours of golfing activities and two hours of socialising, they’re able to adapt the format of their event. These are: 

  • A two hours golf experience – nine holes or lessons
    The lessons can consist of one hour chipping and putting and one hour on the driving range, or just two hours of play (but the game must be completed within two hours). 
  • AND two hours of socialisation 

This socialisation could be a networking event or speaker event where information about leagues, lessons and other elements of golf. Organisers can get professionals and other businesses in the community involved. 

  • OR a four hour experience – retail stores, driving ranges, off-course

Four hours of golfing activity and socialising. From trying putting and chipping on putting greens to testing driving in simulators or trying out driving ranges, women and girls can undertake a lot of activities. 

What is the aim of Women’s Golf Day? 

Women’s Golf Day aims to create a, “simple and accessible platform [for women] to build a foundation and creates a network to support the continuation of golf no matter what skill level or interest while engaging them in a charitable cause with global impact from a local level.”  Women’s Golf DayYou don’t need any golfing experience to attend a Women’s Golf Day event, and it’s a great way to meet like minded people and learn more about golf. Find your nearest Women’s Golf Day venue here.