How iGolf Can Help More Women Play More Golf

Date Published: 25/10/2022

There is a range of benefits that all golfers can take advantage of when subscribing to iGolf, most notably offering an official handicap index for just £46 a year.  But with females across age groups now having an increased interest in the sport, what parts of the platform are supporting female golfers to get involved?

How iGolf Can Fit Around Your Life

The flexibility that iGolf provides means golfers can track their game in a way that fits around their work and family life. Thousands of non-club members now have the opportunity to obtain an official handicap under the World Handicap System and continue to grow their love for golf 

One of the most recent innovations for those contemplating the iGolf subscription is the 30-Day Free Trial. This allows you to kickstart your iGolf journey whilst offering the same benefits as a normal paying member, just without the cost!  With the free trial offer coming to an end soon, make sure you head to the iGolf website, click Join Now and input the code ‘TRIAL30’ on the sign-up form when you get to Payment Details.

Whether you know iGolf is for you and become a full paying member straight away or take advantage of the free trial, all iGolfers can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Post general play scores, track your rounds…and improve your game 
  • Obtain your first official handicap index (or re-activate, if a previous club member)
  • Measure your playing ability against friends and family 
  • Play golf safe in the knowledge that your handicap is official under the new World Handicap System (WHS), just like any other club member

Who to Play With?

One of the barriers people often refer to when starting out is that they have no one to play with. However, with this fantastic sport you can not only play with your friends, but with family members too, whether that’s your parents, grandparents or children. 

iGolf provides the best option to get the family out the house and help each other improve. Even if you’re looking for a little bit of family competition, an iGolf subscription will allow you to track your scores and those of the people you play with to see who’s taking the bragging rights each time you play.

I Have Nowhere to Play

iGolfers can play at a number of clubs and golf centres up and down the country, so you can always find somewhere new to play!

In addition you may be able to take advantage of reduced green fees or even play competitively on some of the leading amateur golf tours, across some of the best golf courses in the country which are being promote to iGolf subscribers, the iGolf offers and opportunities page has everything you might need.

I’m Not Good Enough to Play?

Starting your golfing journey can be daunting, so a little coaching can go a long way to making yourself feel comfortable with your game. If you’re looking for one-on-one coaching or would prefer to bring a friend, there’s options everywhere for everyone!  Even if you’re yet to take to the course there are plenty of golf coaches who offer beginner lessons and will teach you up to help you tackle your first round.

What’s even better is that many golf centres up and down the country will offer discounted rates when you bring a group of people to a lesson, so why not find your local club or centre and book in today. 

To find out more about iGolf, get in touch.