How to Improve Your Handicap with Mental Techniques: Tips and Strategies

Date Published: 11/07/2023

Anyone who has played a round of 18 holes knows that golf is a game that tests both your physical and mental strength. Being able to bounce back after a rough start takes a considerable degree of toughness. It’s not just about skill: it’s about your mindset and how you approach the game.

With this in mind, here are our top tips, strategies and pointers to help you get your golf handicap down through balancing mental fortitude with your natural golf skills.

Don’t Set The Bar Too High

It’s important to want to perform to the best of your abilities, but there is such a thing as being too optimistic – especially if you’re just starting out. Giving yourself over-ambitious targets won’t necessarily help you to hit them, but it will cause frustrations and add pressure if those targets aren’t met. Rather give yourself a challenging but achievable goal, and tweak this as your golf skill improves.


Not only is stretching your muscles a great way to get physically ready for a round, but it has tremendous benefits for your mindset and mental game, too. Starting your day on the course with stretches wakes your mind up before you even play a stroke, instead of going into the first hole cold.

Prioritise Your Pre-Round Warm-Up

Building on the mental benefit of stretching, getting into the habit of warm up swings and strokes is equally important for your mind. Note: your pre-round warm-up is just that. If you feel you aren’t hitting the ball well, remember that it ultimately has no bearing on your upcoming game. In fact, it allows you to identify and tweak where you may be going wrong before any scoring starts.

On the other hand, if your warm up is clean and smooth, carry that mentality and stroke play into your game.

Build Your Confidence by Practising Your Putting

While your pre-round warm up shouldn’t take longer than the round itself, adding a few practice putts into the mix can give you an excellent confidence boost. It allows you the chance to read how the greens are playing – and sinking a few close-range putts always feels good, and gives you a mental edge going into the game proper.

Focus on Your Next Shot

This sounds easy, but it can be challenging. Being able to push the scorecard out of your mind, or your last poor stroke (or your last brilliant stroke, for that matter) is essential to keeping your focus on your upcoming shot. Distractions take up your mental capacity, and while they’re completely natural, they don’t offer any advantages – especially if you’re playing a key stroke. It may take some time before this feels natural, but it will enable you to put all of your mental energy into your next shot.

Pay Attention to Your Nutrition Intake

Even if you’re playing a solo round, 18 holes takes time. Having a supply of nutritious snacks like dried fruit or nuts (and a bottle of water, of course) keeps your body and mind sharp. While nuts and fruits are just suggestions and not the only nutrition available, try not to snack on anything that might make you feel sluggish or cause you to hit an energy slump.

Don’t Forget to Appreciate and Enjoy the Game!

Don’t let the pursuit of lowering your golf handicap detract from the enjoyment of the game. Ultimately, every golfer goes to the course because they love to play golf. Appreciate your good play, don’t get hung up on any less-than-perfect strokes, and remember that the next round is never too far away.  

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