How Well Do You Know the Rules of Golf?

Date Published: 14/08/2023

Golf often seems simple on the surface, yet, it’s a sport intricately woven with a web of rules that govern every stroke, putt, and swing.

The question arises: how well do golfers truly know the rules of golf that shape the very essence of their beloved game?

Let’s dive into this enigma and explore the hidden depths of the golf rulebook.

While most golfers are familiar with the fundamental rules of golf, there’s a vast array of subtleties that often remain overlooked. The layout of the golf course, the varying terrains, and even weather conditions can all impact how specific rules come into play

In a recent video from Tubes and Ange Golf Life, hosts Tubes and Ange spoke with James Crampton, England Golf Championships Director. This enlightening discussion delves into some of the finer aspects of golf rules.