Equipment for Winter Golf

Date Published: 01/03/2023

As the Winter weather seem to stick with us you’ll continue to notice a number of affects the harsh conditions have on your course. The slower greens, the firmer bunkers and longer fairways can all present tougher challenges to the determined winter golfer. 

Don’t be discouraged though because with the right equipment, you can optimise your game to tackle the tougher course conditions and keep spirits high whilst scoring low. This guide will provide you with an insightful list of equipment to elevate your skills on the course. 

Wet Weather Gloves

Prevent those wild and wayward shots over the winter months by wearing a wet weather golf glove, or two. On rainy days, these gloves can prove to be invaluable as they expand and mould to your hand, improving your grip on the club. 

Winter Trolley Wheels

Protect your course and make life easier on the softer ground by acquiring a set of winter trolley wheels. These wheels provide increased stability, traction, and control whilst on the course.  Over an 18-hole round, winter wheels can also help to preserve your energy as they are 40% easier to push/pull than traditional summer wheels, meaning you can save yourself for the shots that matter. 

Hand Warmers

Fight off the freeze and protect your hands from the winter weather with a set of hand warmers. Whilst playing in frosty conditions, hand warmers can help your body to maintain optimal body temperature and blood circulation to the areas that need it. 

Whilst hand warmers can keep you toasty, they can also be essential for your golf ball; helping keep it heated throughout the round to maintain consistency and prevent large losses of distance. 


Play unphased through the wet weather by investing in a great set of waterproofs. There are a variety of options from sleeveless to lightweight that will allow you to swing easy in the rain.

Waterproofs play an important part in remaining comfortable on the course in adverse weather conditions. Feeling comfortable is a crucial element of the golf swing, so acquiring a complete set can keep your mind at ease and focused on the round. 

Warm Clothing & Sensible Footwear

Suitable clothing can be key to ensuring that the warmth of your body is maintained throughout your round. Starting from the top a good bobble hat and snood will ensure good protection against the elements, especially when the wind picks up.

Maintaining your swing is the most important factor of your round, therefore, having enough layers to keep you warm that also allows you to swing freely is important. Look to invest in lightweight materials as these often offer the best protection against rain. Similarly, a thick pair of trousers will help and you can often find two in one trousers that double as waterproofs too.

Having a tailored pair of winter golf shoes will not only keep your feet warm but also dry! With more water often on the golf course at this time of year you don’t want it creeping into your shoes. Coupling some thermal socks with hard toed golf shoes will keep you moving throughout your round.

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