WHS™ Cross Border Scoring in GB&I

Date Published: 14/06/2023

iGolfers using the My England Golf App can now add general play scores from any affiliated course in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales as well as courses in England, thanks to the new interoperability software.

The extension within the app allows general play scores from courses in any of the four home nations to count towards a player’s Handicap Index®.

Not only does the new function allow players to submit scores in GB&I to their handicap record, but also permits their card to be attested by any member of an affiliated club or iGolf subscriber within the four countries.

England Golf, working alongside Golf Ireland, Scottish Golf and Wales Golf have collaborated with technology platform provider DotGolf to develop this exciting enhancement which is now available to all users of the MyEG App.

James Luke, England Golf’s Head of Handicapping and Course Rating™ said:

“It’s fantastic to be able to provide cross border scoring input. Although, we’ve been able to manually submit scores through handicap committees, this digital function has been what golfers across GB&I have wanted and we’re delighted to be able to deliver on this.

“This means all users of the MyEG app including iGolfers, can now pre-register their intent, play, submit and attest a general play score anywhere within GB&I and more importantly with any affiliated member from the other nations golf governing body.

“This is pleasing news for our club handicap committees too as they won’t need to manually input scores anymore and will be able to monitor and manage their golfers through their clubs WHS™ platform.

“It’s been a robust process and working closely with home nations’ colleagues and our technology platform provider DotGolf we’re all very happy with the outcome.”

For more information on submitting scores from courses in Ireland, Scotland and Wales, please download our ‘how to’ guides for iGolfers.

Useful Information

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How to submit a general play score on the My EG app in Ireland, Scotland or Wales

The following guide will assist you in creating a scorecard when playing a golf course located in either Ireland, Scotland or Wales.