Celebrating Three Years of iGolf: Our Journey and Success

As we celebrate the third anniversary of iGolf, we reflect on the remarkable journey and achievements of our unique platform.

iGolf has revolutionised the way non-club golfers track their performance, obtain or maintain a Handicap Index®, and enjoy peace of mind with Personal Liability Insurance from Marsh Sport.

We are proud to share our growth and success over the past year, driven by our valued subscribers. With over 49,000 subscribers, our community continues to thrive and expand, demonstrating the ever-growing enthusiasm and demand for iGolf.


iGolf: A Unique Offering for Non-Club Members

iGolf stands out as the only way for non-club members to obtain a Handicap Index® under the World Handicap System™ (WHS™), offering the same privileges as a club members.

Our easy-to-use platform enables golfers to track their performance, view their playing record, and ensure they are covered with insurance while enjoying the game they love.


Subscriber Satisfaction and Value

Our 2023 iGolf Subscriber Survey provides compelling insights into how our subscribers perceive and benefit from iGolf, revealing valuable feedback and highlighting the numerous advantages enjoyed by our members.

Overall Satisfaction: We are thrilled that 81% of our subscribers are satisfied with their overall iGolf experience.

Renewal Likelihood: A resounding 92% of iGolfers are likely or very likely to renew their subscription, demonstrating the enduring value and satisfaction our platform provides.

Score Submission: A remarkable 81% of iGolfers always or often submit a score for handicap purposes, highlighting the platform’s ease of use and reliability.

Consistent Play: Since joining iGolf, 93% of iGolfers have seen the amount of golf they play increase or stay the same, showcasing the positive impact of having a Handicap Index® on their golfing habits.

Value for Money: An impressive 73% of iGolfers agree that the subscription, priced at just £46 per year, offers good value for money.

Encouraging Club Membership

One of the most encouraging outcomes from our journey has been the programmes remarkable success in bridging the gap between independent golfers and club membership, with over 10,000 iGolfers into full club membership.

Over 10,000 iGolf subscribers have now seamlessly transitioned into membership of affiliated golf clubs within the last three years, marking a significant milestone in the quest to encourage participation.

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Looking Forward

As we celebrate this milestone, we remain committed to enhancing the iGolf experience and supporting our subscribers in their golfing journey. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from our community motivates us to continually improve and innovate the iGolf subscription.

Additionally, we are excited to share the multiple benefits included within the iGolf subscription, including the introduction of three regional iGolf Open Events with opportunities to qualify for an iGolf Open Final at The National Golf Centre, Woodhall Spa Golf Club.

Subscribers can also enjoy discounted entry to NCG Top 100 Tour Events and Mizuno Pair and Single events, a discounted Golf Monthly subscription, and access to multiple offers and opportunities from golf clubs and facilities around England.

Furthermore, the ‘My Stats’ feature on the MyEG app is now available, allowing iGolfers to analyse their game in greater detail and improve their performance.

Discover the full benefits included with iGolf here


Join the iGolf Community

If you haven’t yet experienced the benefits of iGolf, now is the perfect time to join our growing community. Discover the ease of tracking your performance, the satisfaction of obtaining a Handicap Index®, and the confidence of being insured while you play.

Experience the game like never before – join iGolf today!