iGolf Information for Facilities

Welcome to iGolf: The Handicap Index® for non-club members.

iGolf is an online subscription platform administered by England Golf, providing non-club members with a Handicap Index® and personal liability insurance.

To explore the full range of benefits and learn more about who iGolf is designed for, visit our ‘What is iGolf’ page.

Below we’ll walk you through how our community of iGolf subscribers can be a benefit to your facility.


Is Your Facility Affiliated?

Is your golf facility looking to reach new heights? Explore the advantages of affiliation with England Golf!

Discover the complete guide on becoming an affiliated facility, by visiting England Golf’s dedicated landing page and take the first step in becoming an affiliated facility.

Facility affiliation information and support


How Can iGolf Help My Facility?

Unlock the power of iGolf for your facility and welcome in a vibrant community of passionate golfers by showcasing offers and opportunities to iGolf subscribers.

With our dedicated ‘Offers and Opportunities’ page, all affiliated facilities gain a powerful platform to spotlight their current deals, discounts, and exciting prospects to iGolfers.

Ready to boost your facility’s visibility and attract more golfers? Share your offers and opportunities with the iGolf community today.

Submit your offers and opportunities for iGolfers here.


What Happens with My Offer?

England Golf actively promotes your offers and opportunities to our iGolf subscribers. This includes featuring them on the iGolf website, in email communications, and through our social media channels.

In addition to our promotional efforts, we’ve designed marketing templates, including social media materials and an editable A4 poster, to help you market your offerings. These ready-to-use resources can be accessed in our ‘Useful Information’ section below.


Need More Information or Have Questions?

For inquiries about how to affiliate and use iGolf to benefit your facility, please contact our representatives:


Please contact Sebastian Forrest via sebastian.forrest@englandgolf.org or 07702 913831.


Contact Adam McAlister via adam.mcalister@englandgolf.org or 07808 364382.


For general inquiries about iGolf, feel free to reach out to us at:

Email: igolf@englandgolf.org

Useful Information

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iGolf Offer Form

Submit your offer or opportunity for iGolfers here.

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iGolf Editable Facebook & X (Twitter) Asset

Download our editable iGolf asset for Facebook and X (Twitter).

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iGolf Editable Instagram Asset

Download our editable iGolf asset for Instagram.

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iGolf Editable A4 Poster

Download our editable A4 poster.